A thunderstorm rages against your office window. It’s been raining for days and lately you’ve been feeling soaked to the bone. The spaces between you and others seems to stretch far too wide.That alienated, empty feeling  tightens it’s grip. Somehow your loneliness has carried you out to sea like a tide.

I know I’ll be alright, but it has been a slow, melancholy sort of late summer. One that’s too empty to soak up the sprawling sun-baked days, and the heat prickles my skin. 

While the storm falls outside I wonder how to grieve for a man I’ve never met. A man that influenced my life in a hundred minuscule ways since childhood. It really does feel like a brilliant light in the world has suddenly gone out. 

At least the rain makes for cozy movie watching weather. Maybe I’ll sit down, throw on a DVD of Hook, and try to find that childlike laughter again.

Rest in Peace Robin Williams, I never had a friend like you.